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Temple University

Currently attending
Graduate student in Mathematics

Rowan University

2008 - Magna cum laudae
Major in Mathematics (BS)
Minor in Philosophy



W. Jacob and T. J. Osler, A novel approach to ∫csc x dx, Math. Gaz. 98.543 (11/2014) 518-519. W. Jacob and T. J. Osler. A modern look at a neglected summation formula by Euler, Math. Gaz. 93.527 (07/2009), 237–243. W. Jacob and T. J. Osler. Constructing a line segment whose length is equal to the measure of a given angle, Internat. J. Math. Ed. Sci. Tech. 38.4 (07/2007), 529–530.


Leonhard Euler, Methodus universalis serierum convergentium summas quam proxime inveniendi (E46), available at the Euler Archive. Leonhard Euler, Exercitatio analytica, ubi imprimis seriei maxime generalis summatio traditur (E685). James Gregory, Vera circuli et hyperbolae quadratura in propria sua proportionis specie inventa.


(Select presentations, mostly pre-graduate school.)

Gregory's Vera Quadratura: Motivational examples from the history of math

Euler’s E46, A New Look at a Summation Formula by Euler

Boarding Passenger Airliners (COMAP Ben Fusaro Award)

A Construction to Approximate Arc Length and its Relation to Viète's Product of Nested Radicals

Results and A Conjecture on Complex Continued Fractions


Teaching Assistant - Temple University (2014-present)

Provide course assistance (grading, office hours, etc.) for undergraduate courses

Software Developer - FIS, Malvern, PA (2009-2014)

Designed and developed custom enterprise banking solutions

Tutor - Department of Mathematics, Rowan University (2006-2008)

Provided drop-in tutoring for all classes offered by the department



Experience with many languages, including Java, C++, PHP, python, Javascript, SQL, R, MATLAB, Mathematica, LATEX, as well as familiarity with modern web programming servers/packages such as Node, Backbone, Ext, etc.


Somewhat in order of proficiency: English, Latin, Italian, French, Spanish


If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to use the form to the right, mail me a letter, or try to drink directly from my social media firehose.
Walter Jacob
Office 514
Department of Mathematics Wachman Hall (038-16)
1805 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 - 6094
Copyright 2015 Walter Jacob

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